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Hi! I'm


I am an introverted, fun loving, scientist turned writer and editor!

As a homeschool mom, I needed a career that was remote, flexible and well compensated.

However, I was burned out working in a lab, hospital, or at a university.

Enter medical writing.

The solution I did not know I was seeking.

I combined my background in research, experience in instructional design, and love of writing to become a Medical Editor.

A Medical what? Yep, I didn't know it existed either until I was traveling while working and living a life of ease.

Now, I advise women on how to secure a six figure income by leveraging their current skill set to build a career in scientific communications.

Come pivot with me to reclaim your life and time!

From Burned Out to Flourishing

This 3 month challenge will help you establish work-life balance by pivoting your current skill sets into the life of your dreams.

Each month we will go through a different reset.

First, we will Reset Your Life.

We’ll look at the science behind burnout and build a bridge to the lifestyle of your dreams.

Then, we will Reset Your Career.

We’ll spend 4 weeks exploring career options in the scientific communications field that are flexible, lucrative and easy to transition into.

Lastly, we will Reset Your Brand.

We’ll spend the last month honing in on your vision and developing a road map for your best year yet.

By joining From Burned Out to Flourishing, you will be an integral part of a small cohort of like minded peers.

This package includes monthly Q&A sessions, weekly live training calls, and a private membership community.

Spaces are limited.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Sun Tzu

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Client love

"Oh, how thankful I am for M.E. VIP Day! Before, I had no insight on what to do after college and it was very enervating. Being a part of this amazing course has brought so much clarity to what I’m capable of and how I can make residual income from the comfort of my own home. Thank you, Kelsi!"


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